Thursday, June 17, 2010

What I've been up to this week

I don't know about you, but the weather has been too humid for me.  Only one half of the front beds at home have fluffy new mulch and the other is stacked with mulch bags.  If you close one eye it looks nice.

The weather hasn't squelched my desire to spruce things up though painting the den is out of the question.  I cast my eye about for a task and there it was; my cluttered, dysfunctional sewing counter.  I've always wanted a magazine perfect organized and chic workspace.  I carry quite the fabric habit and have unruly large buckets of fabric in many phases. I have uncut flannel, cut squares for quilting, applique pieces, some fabulous fabric I intend to make a fall jacket out of this year get the picture.
I also have fabric that people have dropped off. 

"Hey I found this cloth in my closet and thought you might like it." 

"You don't mind if I cut out my new PJs and sew them up here?" (Um that was last year, they are still here.)

The Martha Stewart in me said to start with shelving.  Now the shelves won't hold the buckets of fabric, but they will hold the other stuff that is used in processing the material.  Oh, and they will hold things that just migrate to my work space, like the purple wig, the Halloween tree, the poker chips.

Yesterday I cleaned up my space.  The shelves look so beautiful filled with the newly organized books, embroidery backing, my treasure chest of threads, and now the label maker has a place.  The work top is cleared and my sewing machine and embroidery machine have all that glorious free area around them.  I've got a new rug which will keep my chair from rolling out the door due to the uneven floor. The buckets have been sorted, labeled and stacked. Truly an afternoon well spent. Bring on the cameras!

You might wonder then why I'm writing this and not full steam ahead with some project.  It's too nice to work in silly!  

I think I'll go sort the file cabinet.

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